Clinical Proteomics: Methods and Protocols

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Introduction to Proteomics

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Methods and Protocols

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Clinical proteomics : methods and protocols /

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Clinical Proteomics

Reisz, Katelyn M. Korwar, Mashanipalya G.

Jagadeeshaprasad, and Mahesh J. Breen Appendix A Standard operating procedures for plasma collection in clinical research Appendix B Standard operating procedures for serum collection in clinical research Appendix C Reference ranges for blood tests are sorted by mass and molarity.

Clinical proteomics : methods and protocols (Book, ) []

Summary Over the past decade, there has been an increase in powerful proteomics technologies that allow greater fundamental insights into the blood proteome. Further developments in informatic analyses, software developments, and computational tools are providing insights into large data sets, open-source data along with large-scale application of bioinformatics. Specifically, we have established Omics approaches to investigate the alteration of biological molecules such as proteins and lipids in various biomedical specimens including blood plasma, tissue lysates, urine, cerebral spinal fluids CSF , saliva, amniotic fluids, etc.

here The current research focus is directed towards the development of a systems biology approach to the identification and quantification of proteins, lipids, and other biomolecules associated with the processes of neurological inflammation and demyelination in the brain. In addition, our laboratory employs selected reaction monitoring using UPLC-tandem mass spectrometry as well as luminex immunoassay technologies to successfully quantify neuronal biomolecules from brain tissue, circulating exosomes, saliva, CSF, and blood plasma using a minute quantity of specimen.

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The laboratory is also engaged in research directed toward disease biomarker discovery using clinical tissues and body fluids. We have established protocols for efficient subcellular fractionation of proteins from tissue samples, and protocols are constantly under development for in-depth proteomic studies of biological fluids and tissues. These protocols extend the dynamic range of sensitivity of mass spectrometric analysis by reducing the interference of the highly abundant proteins inherent in these samples.