Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ guide : essentials (exam 220-601)

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Google is your friend. Well the test has changed a bit since the version.

Which one of these do you think is the best for a part time or summer job? And as always- thanks for the input of you guys and thanks for your time! Certification complements your prior education and experience. Certification alone will NOT get you a pay rise, or even a job.

But do not expect to get a job or above-average pay with it. It won't really make you stand out enough for a pay rise on the basis of the certification alone. I recommend that if technical support is the field you wish to get into, you should obtain something higher like MCSA Microsoft Certified System Administrator or similar. That will help you later once you have enough experience and good job record, to be promoted to system admin jobs. Quick question. How much is it to take?

I have a degree and experience as a network administrator but Im still getting turn down by simple tier I support jobs. Im thinking that an cert wouldn't hurt.

I have no job experience I am not even old enough right now to legally get a job where I live :p But I am in a sea of computer illiterate people, where the shop owners are not that keen on computers not to offend them, but it is the truth- a quote from one of them when asked about Linux:"Microsoft is the way to go. Screw that. One's hardware which one's parallel and which one's serial? Every single kind of Windows you can imagine okay, thankfully no Vista yet.

I'd rather get Linux certified. Then you can be a sysadmin. It's not every single version of Windows. A Linux certification would only be worthwhile if there are lots of Linux jobs in your area, and most Linux certifications are not mature enough to be well regarded by employers yet. The test has changed though since It is the Essentials test which is required- then you can take one of three other tests to become certified- One is a Bench Technician- which has no operating system questions on it.

But I do remember a lot of the material on it.


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It would be really easy to discount it as irrelevant after reading a few of the posts, but I have to say I think it has enhanced my own skills far more than had I not taken it. It may not get you a job. If it does, keep in mind that the pay will most likely be right at what others without the skill are making. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it is irrelevant. I've found that more often than not some arcane question comes up when I am troubleshooting with clients, and some of the admins around here are scratching their heads.

That knowledge gives you an edge that many others do not, and that is exactly what you should aim for.

So why bother taking it? Because the knowledge that you get from that--the hardware side of it--is getting your foot in the door, and setting yourself up with more concepts you can build on later. It's also a confidence builder when you have something tangible to show you have an idea of what you are talking about, and confidence not to be confused with arrogance is something that we all can use in our dealings.

Now, with that said, I don't know much about the new exams, but I definitely do have some tips for it that have worked for my own tests.

First, select a good book for the test. Don't skimp on it by getting just the answer book or a cram book; it's more important to know the concepts themselves. Read through it once, about as fast as you can, to get an idea of what is going on. Some of the concepts will click immediately and some will not. That's okay. Then set aside a couple of weeks to study the materials for the first test. I recommend one uninterrupted hour of study per day during that time. Make it a habit. If you miss a day, don't try to play catch-up because the human brain tends to retain less information if you overload it.

An hour is about right. If there are practice questions in your book, wait at least two hours before taking those. This helps to measure your long-term retention of the material. Once you have gone through the book a second time, get a practice question book. Go through one chapter at a time and see where you do the worst. Then study up on those areas, again no more than an hour at a time. Don't go over the question book over and over; you'll just memorize those questions and it'll do you little good when it comes to the real test.

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Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+ Guide. Essentials (Exam 220-601) Lab Manual

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