Rock Slope Engineering: Civil and Mining (4th Edition)

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Wyllie, Duncan C. Kurosch, Thuro Wiley Huang, R.

2016 EIS Conference Langmuir Lecture

This extensively updated version of the classic text, Rock Slope Engineering by Hoek and Bray, deals comprehensively with the investigation, design and operation of rock slopes. Investigation methods include the collection and interpretation of geological and groundwater data, and determination of rock strength properties, including the Hoek Brown rock mass strength criterion.


Slope design methods include the theoretical basis for the design of plane, wedge, circular and toppling failures, and design charts are provided to enable rapid checks of stability to be carried out. New material contained in this book includes the latest developments in earthquake engineering related to slope stability, probabilistic analysis, numerical analysis, blasting, slope movement monitoring and stabilization methods.

The types of stabilization include rock anchors, shotcrete, drainage and scaling, as well as rock fall protecting methods involving barriers, ditches, nets and sheds. Rock Slopes: Civil and Mining Engineering contains both worked examples illustrating data interpretation and design methods, and chapters on civil and mining case studies. The case studies demonstrate the application of design methods to the construction of stable slopes in a wide variety of geological conditions.

The book provides over carefully selected references for those who wish to study the subject in greater detail. It also includes an introduction by Dr. Evert Hoek.

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Site investigation and geological data collection. Rock strength properties and their measurement.

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