The Physics of the Cosmic Microwave Background (Cambridge Astrophysics)

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Naselsky , Dmitry I. Novikov , Igor D. Spectacular observational breakthroughs, particularly by the WMAP satellite, have led to a new epoch of CMB science long after its original discovery. Taking a physical approach, the authors of this volume probe the problem of the 'darkness' of the Universe: the origin and evolution of dark energy and matter in the cosmos.

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Starting with the observational background of modern cosmology, they provide an accessible review of this fascinating yet complex subject. Topics discussed include the kinetics of the electromagnetic radiation in the Universe, the ionization history of cosmic plamas, the origin of primordial perturbations in light of the inflation paradigm, and the formation of anisotropy and polarization of the CMB.

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  • Ideal Observational Cosmology. Observational and Dynamic Properties of Small Universes. Al Global and Non-global Problems in Cosmology. Horizons in Inflationary Universes - Ellis, G. Lost Horizons.

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