The Poems of Octavio Paz

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Sunstone by Octavio Paz (read by A Poetry Channel)

Privacy Policy. A Tale of Two Gardens collects the poetry from over 40 years of Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz's many and various commitments to India—as Mexican ambassador, student of Indian philosophy, and above Octavio Paz, the Nobel Laureate, has won distinction as an anthropologist, philosopher and critic of art and literature.

But it is as a poet that he is most celebrated. A new expanded edition of the classic study of translation, finally back in print. Lacey Hardcover, The landmark collected work of one of the greatest poets of the 20th century.

Octavio Paz Facts

Perhaps it was the reason that his works lack the Oriental gaze. Paz wrote extensively on Indian history, politics and culture, but his poetry sought out the magic of Indian architecture. From to , when he was posted as the Mexican ambassador to India, Paz travelled across the country, collecting stories and making observations.

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The Nobel laureate was deeply impressed by the religious diversity and was drawn to the juxtaposition of different cultures and religions, especially in New Delhi — a city whose architecture and history went on to become recurring themes in his poetry on India. For him, all the experiences, including the splendour of Mughal architecture that attracted him, were revelatory and enlightening in one way or the other. In his collection of poetry, A Tale of Two Gardens , he writes about the monument:. Delhi Two tall syllables surrounded by insomnia and sand I say them in a low voice Nothing moves the hour grows stretching out. He roamed around the capital, absorbed the echoes of history around him, and even got married under a neem tree in the garden of the Mexican embassy.

In his poetic study, Paz not only examined the structures, but also life around them. He placed disparate images next to each other, recreating what he saw. Amir Khusru, parrot or mockingbird: the two halves of each moment, muddy sorrow, voice of light. Syllables, wandering fires, vagabond architectures: every poem is time, and burns.

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