Time-Series-Based Econometrics : Unit Roots and Co-Integrations

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In this book, Professor Hatanaka surveys the field, examinesthose portions that are useful for macroeconomics, and responds to the criticism. His survey of the literature covers not only econometric methods, but also the application of these methods to macroeconomic studies.

The most vigorous criticism has been that unit roots to do not exist in macroeconomic variables, and thus that cointegration analysis is irrelevant to macroeconomics. The judgement of this book is that unit roots are present in macroeconomic variables when we consider periods of 20 to 40 years, butthat the critics may be right when periods of years are considered.

Time-Series-Based Econometrics 'unit Roots and Cointegration' Complete

Fortunately, most of the time series data used for macroeconomic studies cover fall within the shorter time span. Tsong, C. The Fourier approximation and testing for the null of cointegration. Empirical Economics, 51 3 , Emirmahmutoglu, F.

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