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In addition, dates and specific events were also included to illustrate my abilty to perform safely and competently in the field. I have seen 3 different Optometrists and only one was willing to provide me a letter stating that I am able to distinguish basic colors. I have even gone as far as speaking to attorneys about pursuing different avenues.

Great website. My optometrist diagnosed me with a form of red-green colour blindness at a young age. However, after taking the Farnsworth D test on this site, I understand the severity of my colour blindness. Also, I always thought there was something wrong with my eyes when it came to distinguishing shades of green-blue.

How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?

Now I know. This entry is an update regarding my July 23, post. I have a mild color deficiency and yes, I can distinguish between green, red, blue, pink, orange, yellow and purples without problems. But the Ishihara test is the problem for me. I passed every step with no complications. Even met with my background investigator and was ready to start the process. But before that was to happen I was scheduled for the medical. That was my dream buster, after receiving the disqualification letter.

Thus, the Dr. Obviously, an X-chrome lens or any other color corrective lens is a disqualifying factor. For those who are in the hiring process with LAPD or want to apply and have a color deficiency. This is the medical examination process…. If you flush you might be disqualify. In addition, the toilet has a blue dye in the water that detects traces of narcotics.

Color vision test Ishihara test the nurse checks your eyes with a flashlight. Thus, she already knew I wore contacts because I had stated in the medical application of my nearsightedness. However, if you wear corrective contact lenses you are not asked to take them out. In that same room and after the Ishihara you are given a depth perception test. Then I was taken to the next room. Again I was given the Ishihara test. Then I was given two sheet of papers.

But the color strips are hard to see. If you want an example go to your Home Depot paint department.

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You are placed in a box with head phones and the test is conducted. Not sure what this machine is called but you are to blow into this machine and you see a green ball hovering. The nurse asks if you have had caffeine that morning. This machine has a handle and are to hold onto the handle but must let go as it speeds up.

The instructor cautions you that if you hold onto the handle the test will be terminated. You must be on this machine for 10 minutes.

While you wait for your medical results. You must go and ask for your psychological evaluation packed or a questionnaire. You are referrer to take the test and seat in a room across the waiting area. It is a long one and you can complete it in one sitting or in two. Be very careful and read all the directions and sentences before you mark your answer. Remember that the questions are similar but in different wording. Some people were failing because of their weight. I always say, I rather be a bit overweight than with a color deficiency.

I will apply with the border patrol. Unfortunately, they use the Ishihara test too.


But I will ask if they have any waivers or if I can take the Farnsworth D color test or if they accept a diagnosis from a private Dr. This time I will fight, I will not let my dreams go down the drain. Color deficiency is gaining attention and I hope a movement can be started that would pressure federal and states to provide alternative color vision testing for applicants. Lastly, there is a hope though.


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You must fly to Maryland for testing and fitting. Doc, my buddy — I just felt that the article seems to unnecessarily add fuel to the exaggerated view of the operational problems experienced with the colour-blind. The degree of severity might be an issue in say, police operations, but the fact is that the vast majority of those branded with the label are mild cases — this needs to be generally understood.

Added to which, the key issue here is the notorious conservatism of the employer in question — the police — its failure to make reasonable adjustments for disability in general, and colour-blindness in particular, and its related discrimination, in these aspects, particularly against new recruits. Precise colour identification is, after all, a relatively small part of police work, as of life in general. Obviously, some police departments have got the message already, but the response appears patchy.

Yes, I have a red-green deficiency; Yes, I made a mistake, but I am not colorblind. Colorblind implies that one is simply unable to see colors. In fact with my disability, and that is exactly what this deficiency is, I can see colors very well.

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As a fellow red-green deficient reporter recently pointed out, it is the colors within the red-green family that make distinguishing crossover colors difficult. In nearly twenty-one years in law enforcement with the Army and here in Ohio, I never had a single issue locating a house, car, or person based upon a color description. The Parma Police department requirements simply do not tolerate colorblindness. Officers who wear eye glasses or contact lenses, officers with prosthetic limbs, officers that wear hearing aids, officers that are severely overweight, officers that are diabetic, and officers that struggle with psychological disabilities.

Should these officers be investigated and be required to admit their disabilities to the world? A police officer or police applicant may fail the vision test because of his poor vision but with corrective lenses, that same applicant may likely overcome this deficiency. The same holds true with color vision deficiencies. Corrective lenses are available that clear up color confusion. According to Dr. Thomas Azman, his research and corrective lenses are the key to correcting this disability.

How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up - Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes

Since Dr. I resigned from my position in May of Five years prior to this, I began writing a book titled To Protect and Serve Abuse, a fictional depiction of a large suburban police department within the community of Amrap, Ohio. It seems awfully coincidental that after the book was released in late November of , the Parma Police Department decided then to label me a cheater who was colorblind, seven months later. Be that as it may, I did what I that I needed to do to overcome my disability.

You are entitled to your opinion as to whether the punishment fit the crime. And if he is, I am hopeful that discriminatory practices do not handcuff his chances of becoming a police officer, an airline pilot, an electrician, or whatever occupation he finds as his calling. It is on thing to be colorblind but completely different to lie, cheat, and falsify documents. What does it mean to be color-blind? What happens when you see things in a different way? This picture book tells the story of a young boy with Colour Vision Deficiency — and how his parents, teachers and friends all chip in to help him.

To turn that hope into a reality, parents need to understand the scope of skill development that must be addressed, along with the importance of equal expectations for the child's development, proper training, and opportunity to practice and develop skills. Davey is blind and he is perfectly capable of doing everything on his own.

His well-meaning classmates stop offering help when they see how able Davey is. They respect his self-reliance — until he tries to play kickball. After several missed kicks and a trampled base keeper, no one wants Davey on his team. Working together, the children figure out a way to offer help that respects Davey's unique abilities and his desire for freedom.

Every student has unique learning needs, but addressing the diverse needs of students who have visual impairments and multiple disabilities can be particularly challenging for teachers. Keys to Educational Success helps educators unlock the learning potential of their students by providing key program strategies that can be directly applied to classroom learning routines.

Keys to Educational Success is an important reference for special education teachers, educational team members, and administrators. The book includes information about:. In a poignant tale of intergenerational love and respect, the counting rope becomes a metaphor for the passage of time and for a boy's emerging confidence in facing his greatest challenge: blindness.

It combines high contrast colours with embossed images of the models for children to feel. Large-size text is printed alongside the braille, enabling sighted children to share the bonding experience of reading with their visually impaired parents, or for sighted parents to share with their visually impaired children.