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The GM will find herein the information that he needs to help the goblins of the swamps make the best use of their terrain, as well as information on making encounters with those goblins different from encounters with their mountain or desert dwelling cousins. So have fun with this book: we certainly had a blast creating it! Joseph D. In general, there are two types of encounters: Planned and Random. Though it should not need to be said, this Planned encounters are precisely that - the GM book is not a survival guide.

If you try to go out decides beforehand what will happen in the encoun- into the wilderness and survive using what is i ter, when it happens, and what might be found. The advantages are obvious: the GM has complete con- trol over the encounter and can plan everything from rder to find food. Yes, some real world information is in this Random encounters are on the opposite end of ook. This information is included because some the spectrum - using only a chart, the GM randomly rolls to determine not only what is encountered, but whether anything is encountered at all.

Many en- wild, you will want more than this book at your counter charts also come with a percentage chance per hour of running across an encounter. Each hour or block of hours, if the GM is intent on saving time and dice rolling , a roll is made. The ple. We give descriptions of the area in which the m.

Using this method, the encounter occurs, statistics and tactics of the major Sa. GM prepares several encounters, either rolling or threats, and the wards to be gained there. Some areas consideration. During game play, he then makes the are simply more dangerous than others and the d2O random encounter rolls or allows the players to take System gives you a numerical measure for reflecting turns doing so as their characters travel or sit on that. Assign the area a CR, which is the average CR watch in camp.

If the dice indicate an encounter, of the creatures in that area. Also, decide thepercent- the GM turns to one of his prepared encounters. Step Two: List the areas creatures.

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Choose those creatures appropriate for the terrain. Do not How to Use this Book limit your creatures to those that are equal to the CR Each chapter covers one terrain type, using the of the area.

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Rather, make one list of creatures that is following format: equal to the CR, another of creatures that are CR The Terrain points below the area, another of creatures that are 1- This section discusses the basic definition of the 4 CR points higher, and a last list with a few creatures that are five or more points above the CR. We Remember that the encounter level EL of also discuss plants, weather patterns, hazards see creatures increases when they appear in groups - DMG, Chapter 4, Obstacles, Hazards, and Traps , thus, place groups of creatures on higher lists than and tips on how characters can survive in that terrain.

For those creatures that appear in randomly numbered groups, assume that The Creatures the number rolled is average in order to determine on This section covers the creatures that dwell in which list the creature belongs. Creature Collection this terrain type, from the common characteristics 11, pg. A good rule of thumb is 50 points for the point totals.

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Divide these lists into day come the percentile chance for encountering that creature at that time of day. Example In this example, we will be creating an encounter chart for a fictional forest, the Black Woods. Step One: The Black Woods are a dangerous place for normal folk singly, though frequented by fairly large groups of woodsmen who chop its lumber for a living. We will give this forest a CR of 3. Remember to include on the list some monsters that appear in multiples,. Dread raven ld6 Ettercap Giant owl Goblin bear m. This is done once for a night list and once for a day list.

Blood sprite 2d4 1 CathebdW ld6 1. Read Free For 30 Days. Description: Preview Only. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

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We have taken several types of terrain and given you information on how best to use ple them in encounters. Well, we have given each terrain similar haz- ards -dangerous plants, patches of quicksand, swarms m of vermin, avalanches. None of these hazards are monsters, per se, but all are obstacles to overcome and Sa certainly as deserving of a CR rating and thus XP award as traps and patches of corrosive slime.

We give descriptions of the area in which the m tion, but still includes the randomness involved in traveling through the wilds. Using this method, the encounter occurs, statistics and tactics of the major Sa GM prepares several encounters, either rolling or threats, and the wards to be gained there. Documents Similar To Sample. Marielle Lucas Gabriel. Arif Billah. Jenni Guevara.

Strange things such as bloodberries, dream. Those with. For on e, during. Rather, is the druids believe. Those who.

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Phase spiders and spider eaters are known. This forest has known the. You can. Those brushing through the over-. Many have. Rather, this. Black Heart. Ophidian Guild. Others serve as the burrows for is a company -. His prophecies involve the. Syrallyn human female, Sor8, CN : Syrallyn discovered her predilecti on for sorcery early in her life. Unwilling to permit. She has since joined the Ophidian Guild and puts. She is covered in tattoos, though she takes pains to hide her outcast mark.

Zaria was released from slavery after her initiati on. Zaria is a member. Clan Wolverine might be. Only the occasi on al. It can claim no. Cr on e. During these patrol seas on s, the. Broadreach Horiz on for the summer or winter. Even if Virduk really does have. Over the century and a half since its. A massive serpent pit.

While over-. Not on e man departed the. Glivid-Autel in. Mothers with scaled, clawed.

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All other boats,. First, Broadreach food. Through re-. XP penalty for multiclassing. Must have at least 4 ranks in C on centrati on.

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Benefit: When a Broadreach elf with this feat is affected by Homsaw nightmares, she may perform. This ritual may involve chanting,. Should the elf have nightmares for three or more nights in a row, requiring a save versus. Normal: Without this feat, any centering rituals an elf performs will have no effect on her ability.